Math Recommendations for Gr. 10

will be made for every grade 9 math student as to the appropriate grade 10 math course for that individual student.

It is the goal of this department to meet the needs of all students by assisting them in placement into the course that best suits their present level of ability and competency.

We believe this will help ensure the greatest potential for success at the next level of mathematics.

Students in grade 9 need to start thinking about course selection for

grade 10 (see back of this sheet for math course descriptions).


–                     previous mathematics achievement

–                     interest

–                     attitude

–                     ability to work independently

–                     work habits

–                     future plans

–                     the appropriate level of challenge

How do a student’s mathematics course choices influence his or her post-secondary options?

  • Post-secondary programs have different mathematics prerequisites and should be carefully investigated during the course selection process.
  • It is important to note that many post-secondary programs do not have a mathematics prerequisite and that graduation-level mathematics credits will satisfy admissions requirements; for instance math foundations course is sufficient for university.
  • Selecting courses on the premise of “keeping all doors opened” without considering the above, is not in the best interest of students. Doing well in the appropriate course gives students more options than struggling through an ill chosen course.

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions in regards to this information.